Meet the team

Beau Noblitt

Beau Noblitt


I grew up working for my dad in his HVAC business and learned the value of hard work and dedication to craft.  Years later while in college I decided to start my next career chapter and work my way up from the bottom in the quick service food industry.  After four years of doing every job under the sun in the restaurant business, my wife and I took an opportunity to be business owners for the first time. 

We took ownership of a location that no one else wanted and that had underperformed for nearly a decade. We worked open to close for years.  Never taking a day off.  To the point that on the day our first child was born, my wife was working at the restaurant and went straight to the hospital into labor!  

Now, 20 years into this journey of being a business owner, we have learned a thing or two since those early days of non-stop work where everything depended on you.  We’ve grown from 30 team members at one location to nearly 300 at multiple sites.  

Along the way I found my passion for leadership development.  I believe once you clarify the mission, adopt the right process, and partner with the right people, you can achieve things beyond your wildest dreams.  

My hope is that we can partner with you in a systematic way to help you and your organization grow so that more good can be done in this world.  We believe great leaders change the trajectory of communities and individuals.  I look forward to working with you as we grow together. 

Lori May

Lori May

CEO & Lead Consultant

The day someone asked me if I was interested in a leadership role was the first time it ever occurred to me that I could be a leader. It was that simple moment I credit with changing my perspective, and potentially my career. That day, even though I was nervous and had no idea what being a leader meant yet, I decided to say yes. 

Since that day I have spent my educational and professional careers learning how to lead a team, and then utilizing those skills to grow and develop other leaders. My passion lies in helping others have the courage to find their yes, and then giving them the tools and resources to find their full potential.  

Launch Point Leader is now the next part of this journey and I am so excited to expand to our community and begin to invest at a whole new level. We believe that true leadership is not about the individual or one single organization, but the positive impact they get to make around them. We look forward to working with you and your teams.


  • People First
    We believe trust and learning is fostered in an environment where a team’s needs are not only understood- but acted upon. Our goal is to approach every interaction with a people-first mindset to address change without judgment.
  • Process Driven
     True & lasting success comes from systematic follow up and execution. We enter each opportunity looking to build not only current success, but to set you and your team to win in the future.
  • Joy
       We believe it is not only important but vital to bring joy into your work. Joy is something we choose to find, bring, and share every day. 
  • Optimism
    We always look to the future with excitement. When a problem is presented our response is, “So What? Now What?” vs a victim mentality of “why is this happening to me?
  • Innovation
    In order to create lasting change and elevate great leaders you must turn challenges into opportunities and ideas into creative solutions. True innovation turns ideas into action with measurable results.